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Ruth Broyde-Sharone

A filmmaker and freelance journalist for more than 30 years, and an international motivational speaker,
Ruth Broyde-Sharone is passionate about generating grass roots interfaith work and teaching peace-building.

Ruth has created a dynamic, interactive program by innovatively combining film, music, networking, and audience participation. She frequently presents her popular interfaith program to mosques, churches, synagogues, community centers, and on college campuses across the country. Her goal is to inspire students, faculty, clergy,, and local communities to “step up to the plate,” by taking a pro-active role in interfaith encounter and peace building. Wherever she has spoken, volunteerism and follow-up activities have proliferated.

Ruth has spoken twice at UN roundtables in Geneva, Switzerland, and organized many interfaith trips to Egypt, Israel and Turkey. She was highlighted on CNN World News, and invited to present her unique interfaith program and prize-winning film, “God and Allah Need To Talk,” at the Parliament of the World’s Religions held in Barcelona, Spain in 2004, and at the Encuentro Mundial Interreligioso (Global Interfaith Encounter) in Monterrey, Mexico in September, 2007.

In November 2006 she organized a major interfaith event at the Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington DC, hosted by the Ambassador. Broyde-Sharone also received a gold medal in Geneva in 2000 for her contribution to “cultural education," from Fete D’Excellence, an international organization that recognizes global promotion of justice and peace.

Ruth serves as Co-Chair of the local Los Angeles Committee of the Parliament of the World’s Religions. She is also co-director with Eliyahu McLean, a Jerusalem peacemaker, of the Rodef Shalom School for Peace (an Aleph Jewish Renewal affiliate), to teach clergy and lay persons specific skills and techniques for successful peace building and interfaith engagement.

Her new book Minefields & Miracles: Adventures in Interfaith, a memoir and candid look at the vicissitudes of interfaith engagement, will be published in 2009.

Her many film credits include:

God and Allah Need to Talk
Learning to welcome “the stranger,” courageous Muslims, Jews, and Christians
in Los Angeles are determined to bring healing to a traumatized post 9/11 nation. 
(Credit: writer/producer/director and co-cinematographer) RT: 25 mins

Let the Conversation Begin: Muslim, Jewish & Christian Voices
Twelve speakers of various religious and ethnic communities underscore the importance of individual efforts to eliminate racial and religious stereotyping. Won first prize in one-minute internet film competition sponsored by CAIR.
(Credit: co-producer/director) RT: 1 minute

Peace Building As an Art & Practice, Reflections by Rabbi Mayer Schiller
An American ultra-Orthodox Rabbi wrestles with the thorny question: Can you remain loyal to your own religious beliefs while extending respect and compassion to people of other faiths?
(Credit: cinematographer/writer/producer/director). RT: 25 mins.
Also available in shorter version entitled: Listening With  A Heart of Mercy RT: 7 mins.

Asking the Holy Questions – Reflections on Passover, Peace & Freedom
Rabbi David Zeller takes a mystical approach to the four questions that are asked each year at Passover.  He emphasizes the need to consider the deepest and holiest questions of our lives, questions that at times cannot even be articulated.  (Credit: writer/producer/director). RT: 25 mins

Today I Am A Rabbi
Three middle-aged women --from Morocco, Israel, and America--fulfill their lifelong dream to become a rabbi. Today I am A Rabbi is an inspiring ode to Jewish women, and to women of every religious background, who have longed to become spiritual leaders for their communities. 
(Credit: producer-director/cinematographer) RT: 25 mins

Israeli Boy: Life on a Kibbutz
Educational film commissioned by Encyclopedia Britannica Education Corporation (EBEC).  The film describes the everyday workings of a kibbutz, as well as its philosophy and history, through the eyes of a 12-year old Israeli boy. Aired on American, Canadian, and English TV, ISRAELI BOY represented EBEC at a UNESCO Conference on Children.
(Credit: producer/director/editor) RT: 17 mins.

Children of the Dream. . the Reality
Short video which highlights the visit of a group of Ethiopian teenagers who are brought to Los Angeles from Israel to interface with inner city youth, as part of an on-gong annual program designed to help break down racial and religious stereotypes. Commissioned by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of Los Angeles.
(Credit: producer/director/cinematographer/editor) RT: 13 mins.
After the War
Documentary, made in Israel, which aired on CBS in New York.  Wives, parents, sweethearts, and friends of the fallen speak of their grief and their struggle to accept the reality of frequent war and bloodshed in Israel.
(Credit: director/writer/editor)  RT: 30 mins.
 I Disagree With You and I Acknowledge Your Point of View
Video which follows four Rabbis as they tackle the divisive and provocative subject of Middle East peace.  Though they do not come to any consensus--in fact their views differ widely—all four present their case with passion and conviction and present a model for engaging in respectful disputation.
(Credit: director/cinematographer/co-editor) RT: 40 mins.

A 40 minute video of a staged reading at UCLA of a Yiddish play by Sholem Aleichem,
narrated by Hollywood actor Ed Asner.
(Credit: director/cinematographer)

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